GMODEL Sports Predictors

The GModel Sports predictor provides mostly likely final sports score statistical results for individual professional sports players and professional sports teams final scores.

With 35 years of analyzing sports statistics for the purpose creating successful “Fantasy Sports” teams/seasons combined with my overall love of playing sports, coaching various sports, attending live sports events or studying games on the tube has been my life. Automated Analytics and a pinch of the trained eye with a twist of daily updates create incredible accurate results. Our NFL GModel was correct 78% of the time during NFL 2020 documented week 11 thru the Superbowl.

Along with the automated tools that create GModel results includes hundreds of analytic stats combined vs. the players next opponent(s) of the day or week. The GModel results include all the actual real factors for the next gameday.

GModel information best used to beat sportsbooks Players Props, Game Totals, Game side.

NFL $795 month/$500 week…Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday games.

MLB $795 month/$500 week….Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

NBA $…Available upon request.

Contact: and inquire how we can provide you with the most likely game results from our GModel projections direct to your email box.